Langan’s Brasserie, Stratton Street

Langan Brasserie, Stratton Street – From the outside of the restaurant, Langan’s Brasserie says big business. Every window pane has Langan name with illuminated red fluorescent lights. Pushing through the solid entrance door, is a semi-hemisphere enclosure draped with thick velvet curtain. Presence of a cloak room, slightly chaotic in a charming way and, and, and….. there were more than one maitre d’, wow, I like the style!
DSCF7937aStepping inside Langan’s is like a transformation from the pandemonium on Piccadilly Street. In Langan’s the low yellow lighting, interior decoration and uniformed waiters take me to the London style I used to watch on television. It feels like stepping into the past but not too far in the past. I am baffled with the place. Amazed. It is not particularly magical or grand but it has got style. History has it that Langan has been around since 1977. Michael Caine, Peter Langan and Richard Shepherd were the three that brought Langan Brasserie to where it is now with a menu that, it is proudly mentioned, has changed little since. It was also the place to eat and to be seen there.

The dining room on the ground floor is just a massive ‘L’ shaped room. Private rooms are available for hire on the 1st floor.

The Langan’s menu has a wide selection of dishes from starters (GBP 6.00 – GBP 14.00), main dishes (GBP 15.00) and desserts (GBP 7.00). Dish of the say starts at GBP 15.00, varied from Monday to Friday. It has all the brassserie / pub favourites. To name a few dishes on the menu: slow cooked meat, famuos fish and chips, hamburgers, nicoise salad, steaks, treacle pudding and ice-creams.

I do not think there is a formal dress code but the lunch diners are largely on business. I would avoid December month where massive gatherings, parties and celebration is going on. It was just too noisy to have any conversation at all. I am glad that there was no background music to compete. Comfortably warm but the toilets are like cold rooms. Food was served at a fair interval of time.

P1020853asmoked salmon GBP 9.00
DSCF7945ajuruselam artichoke soup GBP 6.50 – I have never had this soup before but it tasted like mushoom soup but more earthy and nutty. Good thickness and consistency. I enjoy it very much. I just voted that jurusalem artichoke will be my favourite soup this winter!
DSCF7944aveal carpaccio GBP 12.00 – tender slices of veal, with a slight tangy tomato sauce, very good.
DSCF7950acod and chips GBP 17.50 – generous portion of cod served with proper tartar sauce. It is good to look at and more importantly, tasted good. I substituted the chips with mashed potatoes…was it a good idea? Buttery mashed, I’d say yes!
P1020854agrilled sea bream with marinated peppers GBP 19.50 – well-cooked dish and I like the addition of capers to the marinated peppers.
DSCF7948aslow roast shoulder of lamb with boulangere potatoes GBP 17.50 – this was Langan’s dish of the day. The meat falls of the bone as you dig in. Generous plateful of food. Pardon me, but cutlery etiquette should be forgiven with a dish like as it only does justice to the chef and plate of food to use my hands.

Service was very good. The dining room at Langan’s was full. Many diners were already gay and merry halfway through their main courses. Countless cups of Irish coffee were ordered after, not sure if they were trying to sober up just enough to make their journey home but still in keeping with the tipsy spirit. It must be, right? For the waiters, it is hard work trying to cope and keep sane with the crowd as such. Standing in full uniform like the French waiters, they were marvellous at the service.

Langan’s Brasserie is a proper London brasserie serving just good honest, rustic pub style dishes. With one starter and one main, I am afraid that there is no room left for desserts. Saying no to desserts, I would like to reassure you that I am not just being good. Just a pot of peppermint tea (akin to having chinese tea with chicken rice) to ease the surfeited stomach.

It is not cheap dining at Langan’s Brasserie but I am keen to dine again there soon.

Place: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

Langan’s Brasserie (Map)
Stratton Street

+44 (0)20 7491 8822

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