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Beauberry House, Dulwich – The place is magnificent. Where shall I start? From the moment I saw Beauberry House on the website, I thought, “wow, this is amazingly grand”. The wide and huge building standing proudly in white, spotlights shining from beneath enhancing the grandiosity of the structure but at the same time shows a very homely and inviting side. I want that house! Unfortunately, I do not think that it is for sale. As we arrived for the evening, it was an awe inspiring moment. The darkness surrounding the Beauberry House emanates an intimate and romantic mood. Beyond this darkness, the Belair Park stays in it’s silence. I never knew how large the park was until I looked it up on google maps.

I can appreciate why Beauberry House has been chosen, shortlisted and awarded by numerous wedding recognitions for their venue.

Inside Beauberry House the dining room is quite modest. Minimalist but every piece of furniture exudes charm. They all come together in perfect harmony. The dim lights, romantic. A perfect atmosphere in every way to wine and dine your loved ones or make a memorable impression (if you need to) to others while accompanied by the gentle background music that hums along to the aura of the dining room. What is not to love here?

Beauberry House’s menu offers a fusion: oriental ingredients matched with British produce. Starters are in the range of GBP 6.50 – GBP 12.00, mains are at an average of GBP 13.00, with sides at GBP 2.95 – GBP 3.95 and desserts at GBP 5.50. At first glance, food prices look reasonable but can add up once you have ordered the side dishes. As for me, I look at the dessert choices and work my way round my main course and starters. Just like some people who pair their drinks with the meal, I base mine around desserts!
It took quite a while before desserts were served.

DSCF3423    grilled quail with green peppers GBP 9.50 – the quail was grilled beautifully; meat is sweet and succulent, pink in the middle, I like it that way but served with tiny peppers which appears more as a garnish than a star as the menu has suggested.DSCF3422beef tartar GBP 9.50 – as far as my culinary knowledge lets me, I am pretty sure that this is not a normal beef tartar by any means.
DSCF3424crispy squid with chilli and spring onion GBP 7.50 – a generous portion of crispy, light battered squid rings. Delicious!
DSCF3425confit guinea fowl leg with red cabbage, chestnut puree and rosemary jus GBP 14.50
DSCF3426minute cooked scottish salmon, grilled asparagus, smoked cherry tomato and orange hollandaise GBP 12.50 – the salmon was cooked through, not over-cooked, just right. Orange with salmon, a classic combination but the orange hollandaise was too strong that the creaminess mask all the other ingredients into one big creamy taste. Hence, I left it. It is a minute portion for a main course.
DSCF3427apple tart with calvados crème fraiche GBP 5.50 – strong flavour from the caramel seeps through the apple tart possibly overpowering the calvados because I cannot taste any of the calvados. Good portion for dessert but it was a long long wait until that tart is served.

Service was polite, correct and perhaps, a little cold. Being the only diners that evening, I can rightly say so that we had our own waiter. Under his smartly dressed uniform, a serious face was potrayed, I thought that he was perhaps a little cold or maybe a little discouraged from the slow pace with work. Either way, I thought that perhaps his service could be improved.

Beauberry House is rather expensive. From time to time, I do enjoy the formality of dressing up for an elegant evening event. It is a restaurant that I categorized as tried, tested and filed away for conversation purposes. Not enthusiastic about dining here again but would like to witness how a wedding celebration is orchestrated here at Beauberry House.

Place: 8/10
Food: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10

Beauberry House (Map)
Gallery Road, West Dulwich
SE21 7AB


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