MEATmarket, Covent Garden

MEATmarket, Jubilee Market Hall – with the frenzy of burger meat in London, I am carrying on with prolonging this hot topic. Therefore, here’s to more burgers!  (P/s: we had a really good homemade hamburger with veal minced meat (Asian style hamburger – substituted with veal minced meat. All I can say is yum, yum!)

And more burger excursions as well, following next with the MEATmarket hamburger restaurant. Bang in the middle of Covent Garden, if I had not known better, I would have thought that it is a spot where only the tourists visit. I tend to stay away from places such as this. The Covent Garden scene was busy. It was a Monday, no association with any public holiday in Europe plus it is the middle of winter in London?DSCF3412

The restaurant sign is in bright red neon lights, MEATMARKET, that attracted our attention. Inside MEATmarket, is an oblong space, with open kitchen on one side and the other side, view of the market is the dining side. High chairs and tables, dark walls, reddish light, twitter-like comment ceiling signboards, hippie music – it resembles a cross between an American burger bar with a gothic-red light district look. I like it as did the teenager diners that were also there. “It’s cool”, they kept saying.
DSCF3406The menu consist of burgers and hotdogs – I think the only vegetarian option is the one with mushroom and grilled cheese with poppaz (deep fried something with cheese). Milkshakes seem like a popular option. Pricey burgers. Takeaway is available.

DSCF3408 dead hippie GBP 7.50 – big and juicy burger, a little messy, this is probably by far the cheesiest burger. The meat secreted a lot of juice resulting in a wet and soggy burger bun. I reckon that the meat was not rested long enough before they serve.
DSCF3407fries (not chips) GBP 3.00 – a very average tasting that you expect from long and thin fries. I prefer chunkier ones. Generous portion with the fries and the salt!

Ummm, I am glad I tried but I am not sure I would be a frequent customer at MEATmarket.

Place: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

MEATmarket (Map)
Unit1A, The Mezzanine
Jubilee Market Hall
Tavistock Street


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