Shoryu Ramen, Regent’s Street

Shoryu Ramen, Regent Street – a big bowl of aromatic, soupy noodles is nothing more comforting and homely for the belly of a Chinese Malaysian person like myself. There is one exception though – my brother, the fussy eater in the family. He loathes all soupy or gravy-ish food and that includes any seafood, red and green colour looking dishes.
P1010755Looking in from the outside, Shoryu Ramen looks like a casual cafe. Except here people were feasting on soupy noodles rather than sipping their coffees. It was bright and lively. A buzzling restaurant that, when one walks past without knowing exactly what is it, tends to be a show stopper. I say that it is the best advertisement for a restaurant instead of an overkill of outdated-window-sticker-recognitions without a soul.

Shoryu serves up ramen noodles in their famous tonkatsu broth. With the variation of meat, noodle, spiciness, garlicky, the permutation for the combination of noodles are endless. New dishes, curry ramen for example, are constantly introduced to woo us back for more. And by the end of February 2013, we are expecting pop ups with Shoryu. Keep tweeting (@ShoryuRamen)! Both hot and cold dishes for side dishes include tempuras, sashimi, miso soup and tofu dishes.

Inside, the dining space is small and the tables prove a challenge when you order too many side dishes or drinks. More so, when the food is all served at once. The spacing between two tables are a distance of two fingers away from each other, which makes for a cosy dining place. Taking advantage of this close vicinity, I cannot help but peer into my neighbour’s food; discreetly. I desperately needed help with what to order (all the ramens sounds delicious). Luckily, our adjacent tables forgave my behaviour (not discreet enough!). Most diners were there for a simple, reasonably quick, fantastically good meal at a reasonable price in central London. With the warming food and heating in Shoryu Ramen, I am sweating like in summer days.

TIP: Not such a great place to meet up if you are waiting for company to arrive. I felt it was rather awkward to be holding up a table although Shoryu Ramen did not object to it. We left at about quarter past nine in the evening and the queue had been constantly growing.

 P1010756     matcha GBP 2.90 – light, fresh, quite an unexpected way of drinking tea.P1010761  hokkaido curry ramen GBP 10.90 – not the kind of curry I expected it to be but the flavour has a subtlety of chinese herbs, seasoned well and is a generous portion!
P1010758salmon shiso sashimi GBP 7.90 – ace!
P1010759soft shell crab tatsuta age GBP 6.00 – probably one of the more generous portions in relation to price and quality. Batter was slightly soggy and had no crunchiness.
P1010763matcha azuki roll cake GBP 4.00
P1010764dorayaki GBP 4.00 – Doraemon – the Japanese cartoon! That was Doraemon’s favourite. The dorayaki was good; not too sweet, a right ratio of filling to batter. I could easily eat two!

Service could not have been better here. Happy working people in the place says a lot and in turn creates an atmosphere for diners. Our waitress also knew her dishes well, recommending practically everything but out of her passion for food and not just in her interest if we are paying for the food.

It is the first that I am admitting to a restaurant that I am definitely going to be a returning customer. And this particular one, I am intending to stick to. In hope that Shoryu Ramen does not cloud the restaurant front with all those numerous window-sticker-recognitions!

Place: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 9/10

Shoryu Ramen (Map)
9 Regent Street


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