Dirty Burger, Highgate Road

Dirty Burger, Highgate Road – “are you sure?” Jeremy asked in his somewhat dubious tone, after I told him the name of our next burger quest. I casually mentioned that we were going for burger lunch, knowing that he would not reject to the idea. So, camera equipped and submissively tagged along, halfway through Camden Town heading towards North London, I said, “it’s called Dirty Burger, this place and it is just round the corner”.
DSCF3400For Dirty Burger, the expression round the corner is apt. Literally round the corner into Sanderson Close, is the pursuit of the Dirty Burger operation. My eyes were scanning around the whole area before settling on the sign tucked under the humongous outdoor stairway, shielded by corrugated tin enclosures, was the sign, “open”. I thought it was going to be cold but to my delight was rather the opposite – quite hot in fact. Inside Dirty Burger, the dining space is centered by a large table which probably fits sixteen diners and along one side facing outwards, about eight (my guess).

The menu was very helpful; only one option of their cheeseburger after 1100 hours where at breakfast, you had two choices. The only quandary you have is either, if you want a side, the crinkle cut chips or the onion fries. If you have both portions, it would be probably too much but it is difficult to just have one or the other without not having the other. Yet, if you have someone else with you, you can share your portion but you really do not want to share your sides. That was my dilemma. It’s my gluttonous nature to want to stomach all that.

The burgers were served up quite quickly. Keep your ears open when the orders are called out. I presume that takeaway is available.

DSCF3394  cheeseburger GBP 5.50 – compactly packed little burger with lashings of lettuce, slice of tomato, pickled gherkin. It was quite messy eating with the melting cheese. Fortunately there was a small washing up space to clean up after this

onion fries GBP 2.50 – thick batter, with sea salt and abundant of cracked black pepper and a curry flavour to the batter, crunchy and warm. Warming on the belly too!

crinkle cut fries GBP 2.50 – these were slightly dry.

Service, over the counter was very friendly.

Portion size for burger and fries at Dirty Burger was slightly small. But I am greedy for burgers.DSCF3397

Place: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: Self service

Dirty Burger (Map)
79 Highgate Road

+44 (0)20 3310 2010


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