Kua’Aina, Foubert’s Place

DSCF3373Kua ‘Aina, Foubert’s Place – this is a rather good find when you need time away from a shopping spree on Carnaby Street. With so many of the fast food/sandwich/cafe chains within a stone’s throw from one and another, it was very easy just to give in to any of them and just to end the search of anything else. It was safe and fairly reliable. Out or our norm for the sandwiches or sushi lunches, we decided to be adventurous when we found Kua ‘Aina.

Moreover, after the Honest Burgers experience, burger food is very much on our diet list at the moment. We will discuss about the implications of that behind the scenes but for now, Kua ‘Aina shouts HOMEMADE. Will you walk in? I would. And we did.

Entrance to Kua ‘Aina was hilarious. The open kitchen bar/table was obviously too long for the size of the room and it stops the door from opening to its full extent. Or, it was originally supposed to be a revolving entrance, unfortunately had been wrongly misunderstood by the visionary and operational individuals instead. Therefore, to enter Kua ‘Aina, you had to open the door and walk half way in, close the door then make your full entry, a sort of ‘kissing gate’ affair. The entire space would fit three people at a time and whilst you are making an entry, no one can exit. That tickled us.

Inside Kua ‘Aina is very small. Cosy, in this case because it felt comfortable, casual and easy going. The hawaiian dressed up staffs, live radio entertainment, hut like dining interior, graceful sway of leafy ceiling fans and the straw ceiling makes the place feel like being in a beach hut that serves food. Unfortunately for the basement level which was a little bigger but rather chilly – not air-conditioned but rather in winter, no heating. Even so, the place was full!

This small interior did not stop a party of three who wanted solely to stop for a cuppa. I was rather surprised at the welcome that Kua ‘Aina extended because at full capacity, space is at their disadvantage and would consider that the tables are a precious profit making tool. Outdoor seating available only stopped by the wet winter weather.

Kua ‘Aina serves hamburgers, salads and a handful of side orders and a small choice of desserts. Savoury dishes have a Japanese twist with the legendary teriyaki sauces – special for the day was salmon teriyaki. Prices were quite reasonable.

DSCF3365   classic 1/2lb burger GBP 6.95 – it was very good quality meat, done medium rare, served in a nice seeded bun.

DSCF3368garden salad GBP 4.45 – this is pretty impressive. I had the wafu sauce; sesame and ginger. Sesame sauce here is plain tahini with no hint of ginger.

DSCF3372regular coleslaw GBP 2.25 – it is surprising how “homemade” word on the menu made one wants to order without any contemplation. However, it merely means that the vegetables are prepared but as far as the sauce is concerned, to my palate, definitely bought in.

regular fries GBP 2.25 – dry, only lifted by generous amount of salt.

Service was very good. Without imposing a discretionary service charge, I feel the need to leave a tip. Kua’ Aina leaves a very satisfying meal over company of friends.

Little did we know later that Kua ‘Aina is part of an American chain from Hawaii. Oh well, at least it was just that one that we saw in London.

Place: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

Kua ‘Aina (Map)
26 Fourbert’s Place
London W1F 7PP

+44(0)20 7287 7474


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