Honest Burgers, Brixton Market

DSCF3289Honest Burgers, Brixton Market – when there are so many choices, not to mention such good choices to pick from, I wished that I had an extended stomach surgery to eat all that I could (and to not bear the consequences of weight gain would be ideal). Otherwise, how on earth am I going to decide? Standing in the middle of the restaurants in Brixton, before I could think about anything, another aroma from elsewhere has hijacked my thoughts. Then my body literally is drawn towards that fragrance.

After the Kaw Kaw burger in Malaysia, there is a crave to look for burgers in London.

I tried to decide before arriving at Brixton Market, and to focus on that. Nope, not for me, it did not work. So, please if anyone had worked out a method, I beg you to share it with me. Ok, what I was trying to say is, it is very difficult to decide and I got a little dramatic from knowing what to do.

Burger it is. This time. Jeremy convinced me. Specifically Honest Burgers, the name convinced me too. The inside space of Honest Burger is similar to the other eateries in Brixton Market. With only one chef on the grill, orders do take a while before they come out of the kitchen. I love the simplicity to this place. Fuss free and no space fillers on the plate, it serves up what it says. The white enamel plates that they use are a reminiscence from my childhood.

DSCF3287Honest Burger’s menu is straightforward with few choices of burgers and a special that changes from time to time. This includes the chicken, beef and a vegetarian option (satisfying the inevitable vegetarian diner). The meat, which they are very proud of is sourced from the renowned Ginger Pig.

DSCF3284    honest burger and rosemary chips GBP 9.00 – this has to be one of the best burgers anywhere, ever! Delicious beef, cooked perfectly with mature cheddar cheese, tasty home-made relish, tasty bacon and vinegary pickles all served in a real, ie. not fluffy, bun. The chips were done very well, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, with just a hint of rosemary salt.
DSCF3285side salads are charged GBP 2.50 per portion – apple and beetroot salad (bravo for the purple colouring that disguises the non-existent beetroot and apples. Abundant of red cabbage instead. But probably the beetroot is meant to be there for the colouring purposes only). Green garden salad – fresh but a little messy.

DSCF3288Service was casual, polite and just slightly too nice, I thought. Uhh, I feel awful for saying this about the amicable waitress. It might have just been me feeling a little lousy at Honest Burgers and right now too thinking of the experience.

Whilst being somewhat disappointed about the beetroot, yes, I’d love  to go again! The burgers, honestly honest, are worth the wait.

Place: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10

Unit12, Brixton Village (Map)
London SW9 8PR

+44 (0)20 7733 7963

4A Meard Street (Map)
London W1F 0EF

+44 (0)20 3609 9524


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