Yum-d, Brixton Market

DSCF1633aYum-d, Brixton Market – Indeed! Yum, yum, I would add to that. Yum-d is situated in Market Row of Brixton Market.

A folder of a small menu, which is actually quite large if you saw the kitchen: comprises of a small cooker with four gas burners, she makes the wonderful salads, satay, spring rolls, mussel soups, green curries, laksa, noodle soups, stir-fries, banana fritters and pancakes. With a team of two other people – one being the waiter and the other as half waiter half sous chef, Yum-d generates flavoursome Thai favourites.

Inside, Yum-d is a rectangular shaped café – on the right hand side: kitchen/preparation table and 6 – 7 tables run parallel alongside the kitchen. No heating and proper ventilation thus the place can be clogged up with smog from cooking, especially with the frying. With large window glasses to look in, it is almost impossible to do so because condensation from cooking covers the view. Outside seating is available but slightly cold in the chilly December. Communal toilets available in the market.DSCF1632aYum-d is appropriate for a quick lunch if you are in the area. Although you are not bothered by their need for the table, it feels not feel right to hog their table for too long. After all, the prices are reasonable for a generous amount of food. The food took a while to be served and comes out as and when they it is ready.

DSCF1622asteamed mussels GBP 4.50…a slight surprise when the bowl of soup arrives. Not as described as on the menu but I am not complaining. I love Thai soups. Sour taste from the lime and the saltish flavour of fish sauce is such a perfect combination when the balance is right.

DSCF1627acoconut pad thai GBP 6.20 – a choice or prawns or chicken. The pad thai noodles were slippery with the right tangy taste.

DSCF1629adrunken noodles GBP 6.50 – a choice of chicken or beef.

P1010378adeep fried coconut fritters GBP 3.20 – served with honey and desiccated coconut dip. The best I have ever had. Such a light and crunchy crust which encases the soft slimy (in a good way) banana. Only a hint of sweetness from the fruit itself. If the banana has is just a little sweet, it would be better. But this is a winner! Food of this sort aspires myself to cook like this at home.

Service was very friendly and casual. Yum-d is a BYO (bring your own alcohol) place. Cash transactions only.

P1010373aTakeaway is available. I think.

Yum-d (Map)
14d Brixton Vlg Market
London, UK

Place: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

+44 (0)20 7274 8824

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