Boyd’s Bar and Brasserie, Northumberland Avenue

  P1000693aBoyd’s Bar and Brasserie, Northumberland Avenue – Stunning. Boyd’s Bar and Brasserie inspires awe. Standing in admiration of the place, my dear diners said, “this could be our usual meeting place”. A few doors down on Northumberland Avenue the Grand Hotel shares the same building with Boyd’s Bar and Brasserie. Less than 150m from Nelson’s column on Trafalgar Square, Boyd’s appears to be in a strategic location for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even a cocktail drink now and then.

P1000699aInside, the place is majestic. The walls are marbled, restored to their original period details. Entering the revolving doors into the lobby with high ceilings from which chandeliers not only hang beautifully demanding attention but, at the same time, gently lay a background to the scene. There is a spacious area just for waiting place before the bar and restaurant, in which, you could also entertain yourself to a cocktail drink from the 1920’s style bar.

P1000701aJust sitting there, the comfortable space exudes a strong personality. Oh dear, I am so materialistic. The decoration in Boyd’s Bar was sure with its kind of style; demanding respect but not intimidating the diners.

P1000702aThe ambience was gentle and relaxing. With spacious table and stylish deco chairs. Comfortable low lighting, the adjacent tables were a good distance so that you could only hear murmuring.

P1000719aBoyd’s menu starts off with small dishes known as “British Tapas”. Recommended: Two tapas per person. Two tapas dishes for GBP 7.90 and a third would be at GBP 3.50. There are interesting choices such as jellied rabbit with pickled cucumber to familiar welsh rarebit to elegant lobster bisque. Followed by a handful of main dishes with several side dishes to choose from if required. Desserts were at a fixed price of GBP 6.50.

The Boyd’s menu is simple and straightforward without the funny boxes and sections on the menu that  traps you into ordering certain items on the menu. Ingredients are typical local produce; almost predictable as to your local pub comfort food. I think they would like to be known more for being an elegant English brasserie.

P1000706abreaded skate cheeks, lemon salad cream  – slightly dry, perhaps even a little too much breadcrumbs.

P1000708awelsh rarebit (v) with fig jam – recommended by the waiter. Unfortunately, the fig jam does not even taste strongly of figs, nonetheless, it was good.

P1000707alobster bisque and dumplings – this is very nice and elegantly presented. Slightly too much pepper, but that did not hurt the dish.

P1000710ascotch prime beef burger GBP 13.90 – served with a simple but good salad. The hamburger was delicious.
P1000709aboyd’s fish pie GBP 14.20 – generous helping of peas which are slightly tough and dry. Good consistency in the sauce and generous filling of seafood.

P1000713abaked whole seabass GBP 17.70 – Wonderfully crispy skin that retains the moisture. The cavity is stuffed with a bunch of rosemary and slices of garlic, which is thickly sliced, not cooked through, therefore you can still taste most of the garlic’s rawness.
P1000712abuttered greens GBP 2.70 – the curly kale was cooked well, smeared in with just the right amount of butter.
P1000711achips with rock salt and fine herbs GBP 2.70 – Just average as they sell them as chips with salt and fine herbs, the fine herbs were not distinctive.

P1000717aapple and blackberry crumble, custard GBP 6.50 – plenty of nice, but slightly over-sweet cumble, pleasantly surprising – it had some nice tangy rhubarb hint.
P1000714achocolate and mint sundae GBP 6.50 – turn out to be vanilla ice-cream (2 scoops) with chocolate sauce, topped off with a dollop of cream and sprinkled with mint.

P1000695aService was good. We were cared for with impeccable manners. I felt that there was a moment of help up before the the starters were served but once we were finished, the main was served immediately. You barely feel that you are in central London and the hazardness associated with a city. Overall, Boyd’s Bar is a fantastic place, pricey mediocre food but enjoyable and pleasant enough.

Place: 9/10
Food: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Boyd’s Bar and Brasserie (Map)
8 Northumberland Avenue

+44 (0)207 808 3344

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