Shortcrust Pastry

Quiche. A savoury custard open tart served either hot or at room temperature. With a salad on the side it is a proper meal for one. A methodical way of looking at quiche making is by dividing it into three stages; the filling, the custard and the pastry. Filling....


Sweet and Spicy Tempeh Chips

Tempeh is a soy product – made through a natural culturing and fermentation process and compressed into a solid cake-like form. Commonly used in Indonesia, tempeh, is a staple source of protein. I had never seen tempeh in it’s raw state. When I was preparing the raw tempeh, I...


Chocolate Cocoa Brownies

Whenever possible, we have dinner parties over the weekend amongst our neighbours. Last weekend was particularly nice. This time it was not all about the food or the BAFTAs. In fact, one of our guests left the BAFTAs early to be with us on time for dinner (so, it...


Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

I am not sure what the proper name for this soup is because I am sure this is not the only combination of chinese herbs with chicken. In Malaysia, my granny would go to a chinese herbal shop and buy the ingredients for the soup. The herbalist wiould ask...


Bihun Goreng Utara

“Bihun Goreng Utara” translates to “Northern Style Stir-fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles”. This rice vermicelli has a combination of Singapore Noodles and Nyonya flavours. Malaysian food is a fusion of food from the many cultures in the country. I am not sure why there is a distinction for this. With...


Wat Dan Hor

“Wat Dan Hor” is my favourite “dai chao”. “Dai chao” refers to dishes that are cooked in the wok. I mean most Chinese cooking live by the wok but commercially these restaurants have the heat which is blazingly powerful. This gives the dish a wok energy that makes the...


Tangy and Spicy Marinated Griddled Swordfish

It is very easy to please my husband’s tummy. Just remember that as long as it is tangy; he does have an exceptionally and extraordinary preference to tangy flavouring. Luckily his stomach is strong enough to take the level of acidity. Swordfish is a meaty fish but you still...


Tom Yum Goong

This week the weather in Mallorca has been quite drastic; I really needed the scarf two days ago. Snow is appearing at the peak of the mountains. It now feels like it should have been in previous Novembers! Recently I read that the combination of herbs in tom yum...


Stir-fried Mushrooms Melange

This is a very easy recipe that I learnt from a tv programme; Cook with Lady May. Each episode she travels to a province in China and introduces that province’s local delicacies. She also has a different guest star (Hong Kong artistes) on each episode for a cookery lesson...