Kuih Kodok

“Kuih kodok”, or “cekodok” or “jemput-jemput pisang” or “godok pisang” is made with mashed bananas. “Kodok” means toad in Malay. The reference of this kuih to toad is associated with the ugly, deformed, disfigured, misshapen shape of the uneven surface. The bumpy look, which I think looks great, will...


Handtorn Noodle (Meen Fun Kueh)

Did anyone recognise me as an audience participant on More 4’s Cook’s Question? I did not make that much appearance as an audience. But it is hard work in the studio even if it does not involve doing anything. The whole day’s work and probably more in editing for...


Red Pepper, Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes

Having this quiche recipe classified in the quiche section of recipes really is misleading. I admit to take part of the blame here. I should now know, by experience, that this is merely a tart. Let’s recall the definition of the quiche which I mentioned initially before I started....


Goat’s Cheese, Potatoes and Thyme

Just in case you are wondering what happened to the rest of quiches on my list, well here is one of them and I’m pretty confident that the last one will be done soon as well. I have left the goat’s cheese quiches to the last because I found...


Redcurrant Yoghurt Ice-cream

Season affects my tastebuds. Does it do that to yours? I noticed that I tend to favour ice-creams during winter rather than the hot summer weather. In the cold winter, having ice-cream is much more exciting. In the summer the ice-cream melts much too quickly, sticky sweet syrup lingers...


Lechon Manok

Roast on Sundays is almost non-existent in my family but not because we dislike it. We are a small family and roasting a whole chicken means it will take days to finish the whole bird. And, almost certainly the chicken breast is going to be left untouched, become a...


Aubergine Omelette (Tortang Talong)

Asian aubergines are quite different to the European ones. The Asian ones are long and thin, and their flesh is good for deep fried dishes because they do not retain too much oil. The European aubergines are slightly plumper with a bigger bottom. Cook them well, they soften in...


Homemade Skinless Longganisa

Recently I came across a headline in the food section of Guardian, “why does artistically presented food taste better?”. Ending the sentence with a question mark makes it sound even more like a statement to me. I have had far too much personal experience where I was seduced by...


Cauliflower and Cheese

A classic combination of cauliflower and cheese but surprisingly was not the most popular. Quite heavy and tall in comparison to the other quiches I made. It is very filling with the double cream. I think this is for anyone who loves cauliflower and cheese. It is so much...