Kuih Kodok

“Kuih kodok”, or “cekodok” or “jemput-jemput pisang” or “godok pisang” is made with mashed bananas. “Kodok” means toad in Malay. The reference of this kuih to toad is associated with the ugly, deformed, disfigured, misshapen shape of the uneven surface. The bumpy look, which I think looks great, will...


Market Cafe, Hackney

Market Cafe, Hackney – Market Cafe serves modern British food. I am still unsure what modern British entails but the wine and cocktail menu definitely is upmarket. The restaurant overlooks Regent’s Canal, though when you are seated inside you can hardly see the view. The menu consists of a...


Handtorn Noodle (Meen Fun Kueh)

Did anyone recognise me as an audience participant on More 4’s Cook’s Question? I did not make that much appearance as an audience. But it is hard work in the studio even if it does not involve doing anything. The whole day’s work and probably more in editing for...


Koh, Palma de Mallorca

Koh, Palma de Mallorca – Koh’s food is mainly Thai with other south east asian flavours. The dining room in Koh is very intimate. Dim lighting and minimal decoration give a very crisp feeling; no fake buddha statues or the air being clogged with smoke from the burning incense....


Hermen, Palma de Mallorca

Hermen, Palma de Mallorca – the main part and bar of the Hermen restaurant overlooks onto the street. With huge glass panes, the place is light, inviting and interesting place to watch the busy street and traffic go by. Even with the buzz, the restaurant inside remains its cool...


Malaysia Kopi Tiam, Charing Cross (CLOSED)

When I posted this review, I am surprised to find that this restaurant has now closed and if you want roti canai in London, visit ROTI KING in 40 Doric Way, NW1 Euston. Malaysia Kopi Tiam, Charing Cross – the windowed front of the restaurant looks like a jumble...


Sa Travessa, Inca

Sa Travessa, Inca – is an old cellar place. The restaurant has two entrances. The inside dining room was kept very cool but it actually felt that it was more of a dampness in the air than the cool weather affecting the restaurant. Dining hall is a long rectangular...


Tapa Negra, Palma

Tapa Negra, Palma de Mallorca – Our rule of thumb is not to go to restaurants by the seafront. Not only we would be expected to pay a premium but the food is not usually good. Therefore when Tapa Negra came up on Google just off the seafront, we...


Corner Room, Bethnal Green

Corner Room, Bethnal Green – room is quite small. I am amazed at the number of people that Corner Room can seat without the feeling of being too crowded. Tables were a little small and close together but for the style of food served there was enough room. the...