Salvation in Noodles, Dalston

Salvation in Noodles, Dalston –  Salvation in Noodles (SIN) opened early this year, at the height of the heat for Vietnamese food and their ‘pho’ dishes. SIN entered into the dining scene at the right time. On a Sunday evening, expect no less than a full house. If you...


Spicy Mung Bean Noodles with Minced Pork

Are you thinking of using the Hoisin sauce before it’s expiry date? I don’t know many Asian recipes that use Hoisin sauce. It comes in useful as an alternate dipping sauce for dim sums or in “chee cheung fun” (chinese rice rolls). The Hoisin sauce came into my pantry;...


Cafe East, Surrey Quays

Cafe East, Surrey Quays – Cafe East is right at the other end of the shopping complex when you approach from either Canada Water or Surrey Quay station. It is a short walk to the restaurant. However, this does not put off people from coming. Cafe East was packed...


Cafe Mama Pho, Deptford

Cafe Mama Pho, Deptford – The battle of who makes the better pho between Cafe Mama Pho and Cafe East in East London divides the locals. The hot conversation topic from adjacent tables is about these Vietnamese restaurants. I would hope that these constant comparisons will mean that both...


Sushino En, Aldgate

Sushino En, Aldgate – When we entered Sushino En, we were greeted with a loud welcome cheer. It was very inviting. It also meant that even when we suddenly changed our minds, we would have felt awkward about leaving. But no, I think there is another reason to this...


Black Pepper Chicken

One of my favourite chicken recipes made by my mum is her black pepper chicken wings. Fortunately for me, she makes it quite often. A mountain plateful of chicken wings is not a problem with my family members. There wouldn’t be any leftovers. Sweet, sticky and peppery. What I...


Taro, Old Compton Street

Taro, Old Compton Street – I have heard that Taro is one of the places to go for authentic Japanese food in Soho. Suprisingly, Taro has not been a “definitely must visit restaurant” for me despite the fact that Japanese cuisine is a big time favourite of mine. Determined...


Pork Life at Dalston Yard

I was fortunate enough to be given some complimentary tickets to Pork Life 2014 at the last minute. This is another event  organised by Street Feast London. Held at Dalston Yard in an enclosed but open air area. Pork life was a two day event on 26th – 27th...


The Mitre in Cambridge, Cambridge

The Mitre in Cambridge – I did not even think about blogging about this pub lunch outing. I was supposed to have a light lunch before heading for a eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet dinner. Before talking about my pub lunch, I never understood why those long hyphenated wordings were necessary before...


Kuih Kodok

“Kuih kodok”, or “cekodok” or “jemput-jemput pisang” or “godok pisang” is made with mashed bananas. “Kodok” means toad in Malay. The reference of this kuih to toad is associated with the ugly, deformed, disfigured, misshapen shape of the uneven surface. The bumpy look, which I think looks great, will...