Ceru, London Riviera (Invited Review)

Ceru, London Riviera – The dining venue by River Thames? Marvellous. From now until the end of October 2015, Ceru has taken over the London Riviera with it’s Levantine menu. The Levant is not a country (because I hesitated a moment and thought that it was! How shortsighted of...


Makatcha – Maria Knowles

I knew there was something familiar about Makatcha. I must have encountered her somewhere before but at that moment I simply could not draw a clear picture. It was all very vague. Maria Knowles is a Singaporean but she does some amazing rendang. My dear, you can be from...


Greek Yoghurt Lime Cake in Rice Cooker

In less than 48 hours, I have dropped out of the Gin Mare Digital Detox challenge. I recently accepted a challenge from Gin Mare to find technology stressed people in Europe. I had to disconnect from the social media for 72 hours and in that duration, the number of...


Gin Mare Detox Challenge Day 1

Right, this is it. Challenge has already been accepted. Anyone who tries to contact me on my mobile for the next 72 hours and do not receive a reply, I am not being rude. I am in the middle of this Gin Mare Digital Detox. Read here : Gin...


Guacamole and Fried Yuca

Guacamole ingredients are avocado, tomato, coriander, onion, lime and olive oil. I have seen another variation which uses cucumber. When using cucumber, scrap the middle of the cucumber or else the guacamole can be very watery. You might think, “would it be better with or without the cucumber?”. Well,...


Gin Mare Digital Detox Challenge

Gin Mare is not only known as the Mediterranean Gin but encapsulates the intrinsics of the Mediterranean. The word “mare” (“mar” in Italian), in the name, which translates to sea is the fundamental part of the culture, love of food and climate of the Mediterranean; described as a world...


PHATbread – Dixie @ Maltby Street Market

I saw the sign, PHATbread, my husband immediately recognised Dixie. We both first saw Dixie on tele when she was a contestant in The Taste 2014. I was excited to see her in person. She had been our favourite to win! So, it felt like we had known her...


Roti King, Euston

Roti King, Euston – it is easy to tell if one is Malaysian. Can you guess? This is when a Malaysian starts talking. We are famous for our Manglish vocabulary of the ‘lah-s’ or ‘mah-s’ at the end of sentences. It is not perfect English (but perfect Manglish), in...


Fet a Soller, Soller

Fet a Soller, Soller – Fet a Soller is very popular throughout the island of Mallorca. It literally means “made in Soller” but the ice-cream brand is distributed all over the island and beyond. Yes, you can buy the ice-cream tubs from the supermarkets but there are more choices...


Ca’n Miguel, Palma de Mallorca

Ca’n Miguel, Palma de Mallorca – open 365 days! Even at Christmas? Oh, yes. My surprise comes because most places are closed in Mallorca from Christmas right into the new year until the Three Kings on 6th January. The disclaimer was so grand it made it to the sign...