Smoked Salmon, Baby Spinach and Dill Quiche

First of the list, here is my smoked salmon, baby spinach and dill quiche. This is one quiche recipe where I did not follow the recipe to the tee. I replaced the watercress with baby spinach. Not bad. Taste was good and it complimented the smoked salmon. Where I...


Shortcrust Pastry

Quiche. A savoury custard open tart served either hot or at room temperature. With a salad on the side it is a proper meal for one. A methodical way of looking at quiche making is by dividing it into three stages; the filling, the custard and the pastry. Filling....


Tong Pak Fu, Jalan Genting Kelang

Tong Pak Fu, Jalan Genting Kelang – Opened recently, dessert lovers including myself are definitely going to pay a visit. Tong Pak Fu is a Hong Kong dessert chain brand made popular with their award winning ice-shaving desserts. What is a better idea than to quench your thirst with...


Chong Fatt Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Genting Klang

Chong Fatt Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Genting Klang – I always find it difficult to start writing about this particular restaurant. Why? I am not very sure either. Through my eyes, Chong Fatt Seafood Restaurant is a very plain, run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t get me wrong, there...


Lake Village Restaurant, Air Panas

Lake Village Restaurant, Air Panas – Take note that I am probably not the best person to ask for directions. We were at Central Market (Kuala Lumpur) when a couple of Chinese tourists from China asked me for directions towards Petaling Street (Chinatown). I started off with go straight,...


Noong & Jimmy, Taman Cahaya

Restaurant Noong & Jimmy, Taman Cahaya – my reaction was wow! When I first saw this place. It was only 7pm and table turnover has already happened for the second time of the evening. Eating in Kuala Lumpur has no strict hours. How can you be disciplined when there...


Restaurant Zin Sin, Jalan Genting Klang

Restaurant Zin Sin, Taman P Ramelee – This corner lot restaurant is the local Chinese restaurant in Taman P Ramlee. Tucked away from the busy Jalan Genting Klang, Zin Sin is still swarming with people. Food wise it is quite good. Zin Sin is not particularly well known for...


Babur, Brockley Rise (Assamese Tasting Menu)

I was delighted to be invited to participate in Babur’s special food tasting menu. This special menu is to raise the awareness of saving the Indian tiger. Throughout the year, Babur is conducting a special menu featuring the different regional Indian cooking and flavours. The six of us spent...


Vinoteca, Soho

Vinoteca, Soho – Peering into the window of Vinoteca (yes, again) fascinates me. I have to admit that for once, I was wooed into a restaurant because of it’s wine menu. Can a restaurant of such size (Vinoteca is not big) be able to stock all those wines? It...