Chocolat Chocolat Chocolate

Now, let’s talk chocolate. Recently, I was introduced to the idea of buying chocolates online. I know purchasing items online is not a new idea but have you thought about buying CUSTOMISED chocolates bars? Maybe you do have, but have you thought about where to go? These independent chocolatiers...


Spicy Butternut Squash Soup with Cornbread

After a series of blog post of soups and garnishes, let’s talk about how to improvise and utilise your leftovers to make your soup dish look stunning. I enjoy cooking with colours. It takes a little imagination at times because the state of the colours may change during the...


Maureen’s, Chrisp Street Market

Maureen’s, Chrisp Street Market – pie and mash and hot salt beef sandwich is what you must have. Recently, Maureen’s responded to their vegetarian clients by introducing a vegetarian pie. This is my local Pie & Mash shop. Do not undermine this place because I am not making any...


Ev Restaurant, The Archers at Waterloo

Ev Restaurant, The Archers at Waterloo – a quiet neighbourhood but as you take the turn and see the crowd, the place is alive. The Ev Restaurant is under the arches. The dining space at Ev is large with beautiful bricked walls. There were the few iconic Middle Eastern...


Maltby Street Market

 My feel good factor of spending money is strong when I know I bought something I like, the quality to price ratio feels like a bargain and I exchanged monies for goods with people who are passionate about their work. At Maltby Street Market, a foodie market, I get...


Slow Cooked Lemon Garlic Chicken

Happy 2015 everyone! Are you still on festive eating? I was surprised how I loved Christmas pudding this year. I thought I could get some bargain ones especially after Christmas but there were none in the supermarkets. Not even a tiny pudding for one! Whoever bought them all, are...


Courtesan, Brixton

Courtesan, Brixton – On a Sunday afternoon we had the place all to ourselves. Although there were other diners, by late afternoon we were the only ones left. I like the Courtesan because they have not tried to squeeze the room with tables. So even when the place is...


Roasted Tomato Soup II

Merry festivities everyone! It’s the festive of eating it is. If you have done the Christmas dinner for the family, I applaud you. All the trouble you had gone through to ensure that the turkey (or whatever meat) was cooked through and not dried out, the stuffing was not...


Parsnip and Apple Soup

After the cauliflower soup, I have started to venture into a more sophisticated combination of ingredients for soups. I say sophisticated because it was taken off the Great British Chef website. In the website, there are fussy fine dining dishes and also some simple and straightforward dishes that are...


Lure Fish Kitchen, Dartmouth Park

Lure Fish Kitchen, Dartmouth Park – I knew instantly when I walked in to Lure Fish Kitchen, I already liked the place. The mellow baby blue against the red bricked walls had a calming and serenity effect. The recycled floorboards tunrned table tops with iron work stands looks simple...