LOKL – Masjid Jamek

LOKL, Masjid Jamek – I forget the reason that I really wanted to go to LOKL. Was it a recommendation from a friend or had I read it somewhere. But I have mentioned it so many times now that I feel I had to find out. Parking was difficult....


Restaurant Shuang Ling, Air Panas Setapak

Restaurant Shuang Ling, Air Panas –  typical breakfast and lunch spot for local shop workers and on Sundays, church-goers. Run by a friendly couple who operates the wanton mee stall and rents out the space for other food stalls. Order: Choose your dish from the hawker stalls available and...


The Cafe @ Royal Selangor Pewter, Setapak

The Cafe @ Royal Selangor Pewter, Setapak – Very smart, sophisticated, comfortable and gives a feeling of serenity. That was how I felt about The Cafe in Royal Selangor Pewter. Very rarely do I eat, and go on to blog about the eatery, in these tourist places.You do not...


Poppies, Spitalfields

Poppies, Spitalfields – 13 years living in the UK and now when you say Friday, I think fish and chips. But it need not be a Friday for fish and chips; certainly so, for Poppies. This place is filled almost every day of the week. Families, friends and even,...


Cider Roast Pork Cutlets with Apple and Fennel

Remember when I got the meat package from Meat Porter, I wanted to keep the cooking minimal to let the taste of the meat stand out? I did this together with all the other vegetables and flavours known to pair well with the pork. I was a little unsure...


Chargrilled Pineapple Salsa

The beautiful flavour of salsa is all about balance. This pineapple salsa has the slight twist of cooking the pineapple to intensify the natural sweetness it has. It is predominantly sweet, a kick from the chilli, tangy from the lime juice, an onion-y bite all perked up with the...


Pulia, London Bridge

Pulia, London Bridge – if you are still feeling the blues after your summer holidays in Italy, Pulia brings you some of the very finest local food and produce. So, maybe here at London Bridge you can feel the nostalgia from the memories of food in Italy.


Welsh Lamb Loin Chops (Meat Porter)

This is a simple lamb loin recipe. Marinate for up to 24 hours and when you are ready to eat, all you need is 20 – 30 minutes in the oven. The slight caramelisation and charred fatty bits were a little naughty, but delicious! Served with mashed potatoes and...