Bar Mercat, Soller

Bar Mercat, Soller – For the last four weeks, my excitement of being back in London has made time flew by without realising that I have been ignoring write ups on Mallorca. It took me awhile to find the best ‘tortilla’ (potato omelette) in Soller; ok, perhaps, six years...


Goat’s Cheese, Potatoes and Thyme

Just in case you are wondering what happened to the rest of quiches on my list, well here is one of them and I’m pretty confident that the last one will be done soon as well. I have left the goat’s cheese quiches to the last because I found...


Old Tree Daiwan Bee, Rupert Street

Old Tree Daiwan Bee, Rupert Street – in recent years the famous taiwanese drink, bubble tea, seems to be everywhere. “A flavoured milk tea with black pearl bubbles served cold”, was how I explained it to people who had never heard of this beverage. It was my favourite drink...


Foodie Festival, Battersea Park

Foodie Festival, Battersea Park – only for this weekend 15th August – 17th August 2014. The park is huge but if you are familiar with Battersea Park, the Foodie Festival is next to the tennis court. Walking or driving, it is much best to enter through Chelsea gates. Parking...


Real Food Market, Southbank Centre

Real Food Market, Southbank Centre – In every aspect this is my favourite food market. I regretted going on a full stomach. I thought that it was going to be more of the same food traders, same food trucks and same artisan home produce. I understand as a trader,...


Slow Supper Event at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

The idea of pairing food with alcohol is not something that I have tried. I like the idea of a different drink for each course but at the same time the social graces associated with the scene seem a little too fancy for me. When you mention alcohol I...


Redcurrant Yoghurt Ice-cream

Season affects my tastebuds. Does it do that to yours? I noticed that I tend to favour ice-creams during winter rather than the hot summer weather. In the cold winter, having ice-cream is much more exciting. In the summer the ice-cream melts much too quickly, sticky sweet syrup lingers...


Restaurant Longkee Teochew Seafood, Sri Gombak

Restaurant Long Kee Teochew Seafood, Sri Gombak – the restaurant is in an enclosure together with a few other restaurants; both Chinese and Malay. The restaurant definitely does not thrive on the image. On the outside as well as the inside, Restaurant Long Kee Teochew Seafood is a very...


Roux at the Landau, Portland Street

Roux at Landau, Portland Street – the simple but elegant sign on the door that reads “Roux at Landau” gave me an excitement. This is not my standard every week write up. Dining here is a special treat for me. The letters embossed in a yellow-gold colour first captured...


KLM Airline

KLM Airline – With the major news about Malaysian Airline MH370 and MH17, to mention my misfortune with KLM airline seems like a rant. Very direct to my point, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. And guess what? It was both ways. Is that a conspiracy? KLM...