The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich – tucked away in a residential area on a quiet street away from the main road is The Vanbrugh. The pub attracts a combination of families and young diners. I also think that most of them are regulars to The Vanbrugh. The pub is not huge,...


Villandry Grand Cafe, St James’s Street

Villandry Grand Cafe, St James’s Street – arriving at Piccadilly Circus brings back memories of when I used to work in the area. At that time I was, for a short while, renting a place without a kitchen. Hence, eating out was ultimately for survival. It was mostly takeaways...


Cauliflower Soup

When the weather changes to a cooler climate, I start to look back at my recipe collections for winter warmer dishes. Soups are a great way to start. This is one of the many versions of cauliflower soups that I quite like and have stuck with it for this...


Driving Through France (4th and last day)

We left Carcassone quite early because we wanted to drive through the scenic routes in daylight. On the motorway, it would be about two and a half hours drive to Barcelone but we took a diversion to enjoy more of the countryside. Especially when there are gorges! This one,...


Driving Through France (3rd Day)

Cahors was still very foggy the next morning. We had breakfast in downtown Cahors while waiting for the outdoor weekly market to start. By now, I am settling quickly into the French breakfast style – pastry, coffee and orange juice. I love bakeries in France. This bakery had the...


Driving Through France (2nd Day)

Freshly baked bread in France is still an important morning ritual. We were in a quiet little town, Chemery – a small church, about three bars/restaurants and a bakery. It was the smell from the bakery that led us to breakfast here. Coffee and croissant, yum! I forgot that...


Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemon is associated with Moroccan cuisine. With the abundance of lemons in Mallorca, Soller particularly, I am surprised that there are no lemons preserved on the island. Sadly and often, these lemons are just left to rot on the ground. I remember when I first set foot in...


Anchovy Broth

Anchovy broth is a clear stock made from dried anchovies. It has a very light but intense fishy fragrance (in a good way, of course). This is quite common in our Chinese household. The anchovy stock is used for in soups, noodle broths (handtorn noodles) or in porridges. This...


Japanese Tofu in Gravy

First things first, thanks to all of you that have been supportive by voting and campaigning for Vi Vian’s Food Blog in the UK Blog Awards 2015. I am even more thrilled and excited about being shortlisted than I was at the beginning of the competition. And, for all...